7 Must-Know Tips For Traveling to An International Music Festival


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From Coachella in California to Tomorrowland in Belgium, there are some incredible music festivals all over the world. 

But international travel is tough even at the best of times, and it’s even tougher when carrying all the gear you need for a multi-day camping trip in a field with thousands of other festival goers. 

If you plan on attending an international music festival next year, here are seven must-know tips to help you plan a stress-free trip. 

Take Photos Of Your ID

Take photo of ID

Theft at festivals is rife, and you never know when you might lose your wallet or phone. 

Having backup copies of your ID makes getting an emergency passport to travel home much easier. Take a screenshot of the details page of your passport and upload it to the cloud so it’s safe no matter what goes missing. 

Bonus tip: Never leave your passport in your tent if you’re camping at a festival. It’s safer kept in your bag on your person or in a secure locker if they are available.  

Create a Travel Itinerary

Travel itinerary

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing, you should have a general itinerary of where you’ll be on what dates for your loved ones back home. This is an important safety precaution and narrows down your whereabouts if someone doesn’t hear from you. 

If you’re planning on moshing out in a field where cell reception is bad, let your loved ones know that they might not hear from you for a couple of days and not to worry.

“While you’re planning your travel itinerary, make a daily schedule to make sure you see as many bands as you can. Festivals are a great opportunity to find new music, but you need a solid plan to make the most of every stage.” – Harrison Alley from Student of Guitar 

Plan For The Weather

Plan for the weather

The Mad Cool Festival in Spain is usually hot and sunny; Glastonbury in the UK has been known to turn into a muddy swamp from torrential rain. 

Wherever you’re doing, plan for the weather. Will you need waterproofs or suncream? Warm layers or cooling fabrics? But no matter where you go and what the weather forecast might be, always pack comfortable, sturdy walking shoes.

Know The Local Laws

Know the local laws

Every country has a different set of rules, so make sure you know what common laws might be different in your country. What’s legal in Canada might not be legal in the Netherlands, so be mindful of what you can and can’t do. 

For example, most states in the US have laws against open alcohol containers in public. However, in the UK, no blanket laws prohibit drinking in public. The last thing you want is to get into trouble with the police on your festival trip, so be mindful of differences. 

Don’t Bring Valuables

Don't bring valuables

It is tough packing light to travel abroad, but you won’t be able to keep your valuables safe at a festival. Leave your expensive camera at home, and take an old phone if you have one lying around. 

Most festivals have secure lockers available for rent, but they book up fast, and anything left in your tent while you’re listening to music is at risk of getting stolen. 

“It’s so tempting to take a great camera to snap pictures of your favorite bands, but leave the valuables at home and focus on enjoying the incredible music. You won’t miss your tech when you’re watching your favorite band with ten thousand other fans!” – Michael L. Moore from Devoted to Vinyl

Make a Money Plan

Make money plan

Many festivals are now cashless, so you’ll need a plan for spending money while you’re there. International credit cards are one of the safest options – they’re easy to block if they get stolen, and you’ll get an automatic exchange to different currencies. 

But even if the festival you’re attending is cashless, it’s always a good idea to have some cash for emergencies. Whether it’s an emergency cab ride or your card stops working, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

While you’re in planning mode, look up the general costs of food and drink at the festival. Food vendors and bars will have standardized pricing to keep things fair, so it should be easy to plan a daily spending limit. 

Travel Light

Travel light

Did you know that many international festivals have ready-stocked tents available for international travelers to rent? At the Download Festival in the UK, you can get pop-up tents with beds, sleeping bags, pillows, and some accessories to save you carrying all that gear on a plane. 

“It won’t be long until you won’t have to pack for festivals at all. Virtual festivals inside video games make events accessible to people all over the world, and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Lavapalooza was held inside Minecraft in 2018, and thousands of people attended!” – Vlad Susanu from Game Clubz

Out here in the real world, if you do plan on bringing your own festival camping gear, pack as lightly as you can. No matter what festival you go to, you’ll have miles of walking to do and carrying a lot of gear is tough. 

Which Festival Are You Attending?

There are mind-blowing music festivals in countries all over the world, each catering to different music styles and tastes. It can feel stressful planning international travel for a music festival, but with a little planning, it’s much easier than you think. And there’s no better way to experience your favorite bands!

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